Ultimate luxury goes off road

The unthinkable has happened, Rolls-Royce has officially revealed its first SUV and we’ve already had a good crawl over it. Called the Cullinan after the biggest diamond ever discovered, it is destined to be the most controversial Rolls-Royce in the company’s 114-year history.

Several weeks prior to the covers coming off in London, we were secretly ushered into a ballroom one morning in Dubai just hours before Rolls-Royce’s VIP clients were allowed in to see it for themselves.

This is a landmark car for the company as it takes the Spirit of Ecstasy into unchartered territory by not only being its first off-road capable car since the days of the original Silver Ghost over a century ago, but also because this will be the first ever Rolls-Royce that’s intended to be used as daily transport and one that’s meant to be driven by its owner.

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