Historic Arctic expedition

JULY 2014 – Leading luxury cruise line, Crystal Cruises, is introducing a new route into their itinerary, one that presents a one-of-kind opportunity for those lucky enough to take them up on the offer.

The cruise liner is adding an expedition-style voyage to the books that will negotiate the Arctic Ocean via the legendary Northwest Passage. This will mark a world first in luxury cruises with their vessel, Crystal Serenity, being the first commercial ship to ever navigate this route. Commencing on the 16th August 2016, this luxury vessel will disembark from Anchorage, Alaska and will sail for 32 days from the Pacific Ocean through the Northwest Passage into the Atlantic and then berth in New York City.

“Crystal’s inaugural Northwest Passage offers guests the opportunity to begin a new story of thrilling adventure, all the while indulging in the world’s very best luxury vacation experience,” said the company’s president Edie Rodriguez. “The voyage combines intrepid adventure, the great outdoors, and immersive cultural experiences with Six-Star service as only Crystal can deliver.”

Executive Vice President Thomas Mazloum spearheaded the strategic planning of the itinerary, with the help of Expedition Voyage Consulting by EYOS Expeditions, providers of bespoke expeditions to the most remote regions on Earth in safety and luxury.
“From reviewing operations with Canadian officials to meeting with Inuit elders of the Arctic who have provided their backing, our team has spent almost two years diligently gathering the field experts, information,  resources, and support to ensure an epic experience that is exceptionally rewarding and safe for guests and crew, and respectful of local lands and cultures,” says Mazloum.  “During this voyage, speakers will enlighten guests on information regarding climate change, and how it has impacted this passage.  With the recent retreat of polar ice, the time is right for us to lead the way within the travel industry, as Crystal has done throughout our 25-year history.”

Passengers can expect the best in luxury and comfort, but a unique itinerary should also be anticipated alongside this unprecedented voyage. Extra “surprise” days are built into the schedule to allow unplanned “calls of the wild” excursions that could be for polar bear-viewing, whale-watching, glacier-cruising or scenic helicopter flights.

A 14-person expert expedition team will accompany passengers and will give insights into topics including the science and history of the area. They will also offer hands-on seminars and workshops, host dinners with guests, guide wildlife watching from the ship, and accompany excursions, where appropriate.

The onboard experience will be like nothing guests have experienced before and embraces the spirit of the pioneering expeditions of yore. The company’s high standard of rest and relaxation will be relaxed even further with wardrobe (complimentary parkas, boot rentals, outfitter recommendations, and no “black tie optional” nights) and cuisine that, although still gourmet, is modified to reflect the locale and limited ability to re-supply goods and store waste during the month-long voyage.The Arctic Expedition represents a unique opportunity for those that choose to take it.

The initial booking window starts on the 17th July, but will only be available to previous guests of the line’s hospitality.  Non-members may add their name to a waiting list. The remaining space, if any, will open to the public on 2nd September.

Cruises International is the exclusive South African agent for Crystal Cruises. For bookings and more information on luxurious cruises anywhere in the world, contact our Opulent Living Travel consultants on contact@opulentliving.travel

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